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Tom Hanks stars as Mister Rogers in A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. Lacey Terrell/Sony Pictures hide caption

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Lacey Terrell/Sony Pictures

Ana de Armas as Marta Cabrera and Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc in Knives Out Claire Folger/Lions Gate Films hide caption

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Claire Folger/Lions Gate Films

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Sven in Frozen 2 Walt Disney Studios hide caption

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Walt Disney Studios

Sterling K. Brown plays the patriarch of a family in crisis in Waves. Courtesy of A24 hide caption

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Courtesy of A24

A Florida Family Saga, Told In 'Waves' Of Healing And Heartache

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Elizabeth Banks directs the reboot of Charlie's Angel featuring Ella Balinska (from left), Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott — and a whole bunch of wigs. Merie Weismiller Wallace/Columbia Pictures hide caption

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Merie Weismiller Wallace/Columbia Pictures

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding in "Last Christmas," directed by Paul Feig. Jonathan Prime/Universal Pictures hide caption

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Jonathan Prime/Universal Pictures

Rosine Mbakam, left, says she chose to shoot all images and sound herself to maintain an equal relationship with the subjects of her films. Icarus Films hide caption

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Icarus Films